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We want to welcome you to Top Ends Barber Studio!


If you are looking for "The Place" to get an amazing haircut and great conversation, come visit us!  What you will find at Top Ends Barber Studio is great service, friendly atmosphere and more importantly the Best Barbers in Frisco! If you want a place for your young men to grow up with, we are the place for you! We are a family friendly shop and will take care of your grooming needs.


Otis & Sundey love this community and the people we serve and can not wait to meet you.

Now we love football and this is a NY GIANTS house... lol we take all football lovers so come out and meet the team!

Otis & Sundey Gardner opened Top Ends Barber Studio in 2006 in Frisco, TX.  We have 3 kids and a dog! Combined years, Otis & Sundey have been in the hair business for 20+ years.

O, The Man

O has been in the business for over 20 years. Loves his customers and they love him! Precision meets Style.

Giant House Owner!

Al, The Barber

Al's been cutting hair as long as his signature beard and been with the shop since it opened in 2006. Looking for one of the best haircuts in Frisco come see Al.

Dallas Cowboy Defender!

Larry's a seasoned barber with over 15 years in the business and been with the shop since it opened in 2006. Looking for one of the best haircuts in Frisco come see Larry.

Dallas Cowboy Defender!

Larry, The Barber

Larry The Barber Best Barber Shop in Frisco, tX
Best Barber shop in Frisco, TX

Xavion, The Barber

Goes by X and loves cutting hair! If you are looking for the best haircut in Frisco come check X out. We call him The Kid because of his baby face.

Black Barber Shop in Frisco, tX

Sundey, Studio Manager

Makes sure that things are running as smoothly as possible